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Background information
¡@ The Taiwan Business Council for Sustainable Development was created in December 1995 when its 13 founding companies joined the Earthplace Foundation, headed by Dr. Carolyn Hansen. 31 Member companies officially and independently launched an enlarged and refocused BCSD Taiwan in May 1997. 

Chairman, Theodore, M. H. Huang, has been on board since June, 2003. He is the Chairman of the Board, Teco Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. (TECO), a leading manufacturer of electric motors in Taiwan since 1956. He is also chairing the Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce (CNAIC), the most influential business organization in Taiwan. Chairman Huang is the member of the National Council for Sustainable Development of ROC, which is chaired by the Premier. 

There have been five full-time staff members in the secretariat of BCSD-Taiwan since 2000, including Dr. Niven Huang, the secretary general. Dr. Niven Huang has worked for the Council since May of 1997.

  • To cooperate with enterprises in supporting pertinent national policy, regulations and infrastructure that will ensure economic and environmental sustainability. 

  • To encourage business to play an increasingly active role in elevating their environmental performance as well as adopting eco-efficient practices. 

  • To accumulate relevant environmental protection and natural resource information for business and public access. 

  • To organize and undertake activities which support the above objectives.


¡@ 1. By invitation, with projected membership limited to 50 top companies in Taiwan.
¡@ 2. Membership is held by individuals who are CEOs of major companies.
¡@ 3. In addition, each member appoints a liaison delegate, a senior official in the company.
¡@ 4. Fee based membershipFor company member: Registration at first year US$ 30.00
¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@Annual fee US$ 8,000.00

¡@ Five full time employee are working for BCSD-Taiwan, ROC. More than five part-time advisors are working for the specific projects, including Environmental Cost Accounting System, Office Resources Recycling, Eco-efficiency Metrics, and Trade & Environment.
Mailing address:
BCSD-Taiwan, 10F-6, 390 ,Fushing S. Road, Sec. 1, Taipei 10656, Taiwan, R.O.C
Tel: (886 2) 2705- 8859
Fax: (886 2) 2706- 0788

E-mail: bcsd.roc@msa.hinet.net
Website: www.bcsd.org.tw

Latest Member List (April  2009)

  Updated April 15, 2009

¡P         Acer Inc.

¡P         Archilife Research Foundation

¡P         ASUSTek Computer Inc.

¡P         AU Optronics Corporation

¡P         BSI Management Systems, Taiwan

¡P         Bureau Veritas Certification

¡P         China Steel Corporation

¡P         Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce

¡P         Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.

¡P         CPC Corporation, Taiwan

¡P         CTCI Foundation

¡P         csrCommunity International Limited

¡P         Delta Electronics


¡P         Environment and Development Foundation

¡P         Environmental Resources Management, Taiwan (Owned by ERM)

¡P         Everlight Chemical Industrial Corp.

¡P         EVEREST Textile Co., Ltd.

¡P         Gre Tai Securities Market

¡P         Importers and Exporters Association Of Taipei

¡P         Inventec Corporation

¡P         Liang Haw Technology

¡P         MSIG Mingtai Insurance Co ., Ltd.

¡P         MOS BURGER

¡P         Nanlien International Corporation

¡P         President Chain Store Corporation

¡P         SGS Taiwan Ltd.

¡P         Taiwan Future Exchange

¡P         Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation

¡P         Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd.

¡P         Taiwan Power Company

¡P         Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

¡P         TECO Electric & Machinery Co.

¡P         Texma International Co., Ltd.

¡P         Test Rite Retail Co., LTD.

¡P         United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC)

¡P         Uni-President Enterprise

¡P         YC Consultants Ltd.

¡P         Yieh Phui Enterprise Co., Ltd.

¡P         Yuen Foong Yu Paper Mfg. Co.


¡@ ¡PEco-efficiency
¡@ Since 1997, BCSD-Taiwan has devoted most of its effort in promoting eco-efficiency, including the concept, management tools, and eco-efficient operating practices as well as business cases. 
  • Concept, best practices and business case
    Information is provided in the advocacy programs by means of workshop, training, conference, report and publication, and monthly newsletter. Four Chinese reports on Eco-efficiency concept and Eco-efficiency Indicator have been published, including a Chinese version of the WBCSD¡¦s report (1998), a Chinese version of the OECD¡¦s report (2000), a report on Eco-efficiency (2001), and a report on sector specific Eco-efficiency Indicator (2002). The last two reports were written by BCSD-Taiwan. 

  • Changing Formosa
    This book tracks the changing trends of economic and environmental status of Taiwan, i.e. the eco-efficiency at macro level. It is a joint initiative of BCSD-Taiwan and the National Council for Sustainable Development of ROC, and is revised and published every two years. The latest version, Changing Formosa 2004 was published in November 2004. The social aspect is included in the latest version. This book is the first book in Taiwan consisting of the discussion of triple bottom line at a macro level.

  • Management tools
    BCSD-Taiwan has collaborated with the internal and external resources for developing and promoting the following tools. 
    • Eco-efficiency indicator (EEI)
      BCSD-Taiwan has extensively applied the EEI framework developed by WBCSD to specific products, product lines, individual sites, entire companies, ecological industrial parks, and more than six different industry sectors. A lot of Chinese study¡¦s reports were completed and a complied report on EEI was published in 2002. 

    • Environmental accounting
      BCSD-Taiwan was the pioneer for developing the environmental accounting system in Taiwan. One very successful case has been demonstrated. More case studies are conducted by BCSD¡¦s partner organizations right now. 

    • Eco-design
      BCSD-Taiwan has worked with The Center for Sustainable Design, UK, and several partner organizations in Taiwan on training and case studies of eco-design since 2001. Since 2004, a series of eco-design workshops are held for participants from the management level.

    • Reporting
      BCSD-Taiwan has published two member companies¡¦ performance report in 1999 and 2001; GRI guidelines were incorporated into the 2001 edition. BCSD-Taiwan will continue to help member companies improve the quality of sustainability report. An initiative was launched in 2002 for member companies¡¦ social performance reports. A new cases report ¡§Care and Ambition¡¨, written in both Chinese and English, was published in May, 2004. More than a dozen of Taiwanese companies contribute more than 40 cases of corporate social responsibility. A new sustainability report of member companies will be published by the end of 2005. 
¡@ ¡P Financial sector and sustainable development
¡@ BCSD-Taiwan has tracked the global trends of the financial sector and sustainable development since 1997. Its works focus on two areas, environmental risk management of banks and sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) 
  • BCSD-Taiwan worked with US-AEP for training workshops for Taiwanese bankers for three years, 1999-2001. A lot of information is provided continuously in the monthly newsletter. 
  • SRI
    By collaborating with the Association of Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Asia (ASrIA), the SRI workshop was organized in May of 2002. A market survey on SRI in Taiwan was completed in 2003 and the second SRI conference in October 2003 was very successful. The promotion for SRI will be the major activity of BCSD-Taiwan for the financial sector during 2002-2005. A rating methodology for companies¡¦ social performance has been developed in 2004. The rating methodology for environmental performance will be developed in 2005. 
¡@ ¡P Public and private partnership
¡@ BCSD-Taiwan has built up credibility in developing partnerships with government, NGOs and research bodies in most of our work. This enhances our strength and capability to overcome the challenges of sustainability. Thus, the public-private partnership has become our core principle towards sustainable development.
¡@ ¡P Working groups members
¡@ Two working groups were launched in 2001; one is ¡§Investment Analysis for GHG Emission Reduction¡¨, and the other is ¡§Strategy for Business & Sustainable Development¡¨. The former follows up the status and development of the Climate & Energy WG of WBCSD. It focuses on the specific issues such as CDM, GHG Protocol, emission trading, and reduction strategy analysis. Since 2005, BCSD-Taiwan creates a Energy & Climate Committee and this working group will be supervised by the new Committee. The latter follows the global trend of business agenda for sustainable development and drafts the next five-year business plan of BCSD-Taiwan and the working principles of the secretariat. 
¡@ ¡P Biodiversity and sustainable management of nature resource
¡@ BCSD-Taiwan has devoted itself to the advocacy of conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use and management of nature resource. Based on the specific characteristics of Taiwan¡¦s environment and natural resource, three books have been published. They are, ¡§Blue Dancers¡¨ for marine in 1998, ¡§Vanishing Dancers¡¨ for animal species in 2000, and ¡§Discovery of Green Formosa¡¨ for plant species in 2002. A new book ¡§Human Being and Biodiversity¡¨ is scheduled to be published in 2005. 

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) 


o A new cases report ¡§Care and Ambition¡¨, as mentioned above, was published in May, 2004. 

o BCSD-Taiwan conducted a ¡§Taiwanese CEOs survey on CSR¡¨ in 2003. 

o Three workshops for promoting OECD Guidelines were held around Taiwan in 2003.

o BCSD-Taiwan joined the global CSR network of Business in the Community (BITC), UK, in 


o A CSR forum was held for senior executives in August of 2004. It has demonstrated the

   success in raising the awareness of CSR. BCSD-Taiwan will keep organizing such kind of

   event which is very helpful for facilitating the top-down process of implementing CSR.

o BCSD-Taiwan has created a Taiwan CSR Portal website (http://www.csr.idic.gov.tw) for the

   Ministry of Economic Affairs. It will be launched in the first quarter of 2005. BCSD-Taiwan will

   be responsible for the maintenance of this website.

o A rating system for social performance has been developed in 2004 and a further

   modification will be made in 2005, based on the consultation dialogue with


o BCSD-Taiwan will help its member companies in 2005 to launch the first CSR report in


GHG reduction


o A Chinese version of GHG Protocol was published in 2003 and the revised version will be

   published in the spring of 2005. 

o Several workshops on the GHG mitigation were held. 

o BCSD-Taiwan is working with EPA on the GHG reduction strategy for Taiwan industry.

o Three member companies, which are from power, chemical and convenient chain store

   sectors, respectively, have joined the GHG Inventory Initiative which is based on the new

   version of GHG Protocol.

o BCSD-Taiwan is organizing an ambitious initiative entitled ¡§Taiwan GHG Double-PR Program

   (Public-Private Register & Reduction)¡¨. It is similar to a lot of famous voluntary reduction and

   registry initiatives. It is expected to be the first one of its kind in Asia, excluding Japan.


Benefits of affiliation to WBCSD Regional Network
¡@ Involvement of BCSD Taiwan in WBCSD programs and initiatives
  • Member of the China Task Force, Biodiversity, Climate and Energy, Innovation Technology, SD Reporting, Water, Sustainable Livelihoods
¡@ BCSD Taiwan activities with WBCSD participation
  • Environmental Performance & Shareholder Value Conference (1997) 

  • Trade, Investment and Sustainable Development Seminar (1998) 

  • Eco-Efficiency Metrics Seminar (1998) 
  • Stakeholder Dialogues on CSR and STM (1999) 

  • Rio+10 Briefing Session (2001) 

  • Global Challenge for Business in the 21st Century Conference (2001) 

  • CEO and Top Management Sustainable Development Forum (2002) 

  • Attended LDM 2002 

  • The launch of Chinese version of GHG Protocol (2003)

Future Programs
  • BCSD-Taiwan intends to continue advocating the concept of eco-efficiency to the CEOs of Taiwanese businesses and will seek to recruit more member companies and engage current members in projects and initiatives. 

  • BCSD will also promote its members' technological innovations and their potential participation in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to reduce greenhouse gases. BCSD-Taiwan will help member companies apply GHG Protocol. 

  • BCSD-Taiwan will put more efforts on disseminating WBCSD¡¦s member companies¡¦ CSR best practices and business cases. It intends to develop more member companies¡¦ case studies and stimulates Taiwanese companies to launch regional CSR initiatives and commit to the Global Compact. 

  • BCSD -Taiwan will work with WBCSD and some Asian active BCSDs to launch an Asian Regional BCSD Forum on Business & Sustainable Development. The purposes of this Forum will be to convey the concept of learning by sharing, to initiate joint projects among BCSDs or to explore investment and business cooperation opportunities in terms of sustainability. 

  • BCSD-Taiwan will develop the rating capability of companies¡¦ sustainability performance.

  • BCSD-Taiwan will initiate a voluntary GHG inventory, reduction and register program, ¡§Taiwan GHG Double-PR Program (Public-Private Register & Reduction)¡¨.

  • BCSD-Taiwan will keep promoting sustainable and social responsible investment (SRI) in Taiwan.
¡@ Chairman
¡@ Theodore, M. H. Huang, Teco Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. (TECO)


BCSD Taiwan

¡@ Niven Huang, Secretary General
10F-6, 390 ,Fushing S. Road, Sec. 1
Taipei 10656, Taiwan, R.O.C
Tel: (886 2) 2705- 8859
Fax: (886 2) 2706- 0788
E-mail: bcsd.roc@msa.hinet.net
Website: www.bcsd.org.tw